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Open Futuro wants to promote awareness about Open Source and Free Open Source Software (FOSS). Open Futuro has the commitment with the world community to show the advantages of these products and the benefits they can acquire if they embrace the use of them. For example, Open Source and FOSS can lower the cost of students education. Instead of acquiring non-open-source software to work on class presentations and research papers (with an approximate cost of $145) students can use (with no cost) which can fulfill the needs of the students.

Add SAMBA user.


Setup user angel to use the hpaserver samba share.

adduser angel
adduser angel sambashare
adduser angel team
smbpasswd -a angel

Restart samba server

/etc/init.d/samba restar

ChurchInfo Backup Database

Learn how to backup the ChurchInfo database.


  • On the ChurchInfo menu, go to Admin > Backup Database
  • Read the "Tips" section
    • Follow instructions in accordance with your needs 
  • Click on the button "Generate and Download Backup"

ChurchInfo Run Custom Report

How to run a custom report.

To run a custom report do the following.

  • On the menu select Data/Reports > Query Menu
  • Click on the Run a Free-Text Query link
  • Paste the SQL query (custom report) inside the text area
    • Copy the appropriate custom query from below
  • Click on Execure SQL button

ChurchInfo Printing Reports

How to print reports

Instructions on how to print reports from the ChurchInfo reports memu.

  • Click on the menu item Data/Reports > Reports Menu
  • Select the report you want to print out
    • For exapmple: Letters and Mailing Labels
  • Select the appropriate settings. For example:
    • Lable Type: 5160
    • Font: Helvetica
    • Font Size: Default
  • Select which report you want to print. For example:
    • Envelope Lables

The result is a PDF file with your report, ready to be printed.

Feral Penguin Laptop Setup.

Requirements to have the laptop fully functional

  • Graphics Card nVidia
  • eyeshot (USB Camera)
  • Wireless


The following is the lsit of solutions for the above issues. You will need to add the appropriate debian mirrors to have unstable packages availiable. The backports repository did not had the appropriate virtual packages (kbuild) and its dependencies to be able to complete the procedure with the 2.6.29 kernel.

MySQLDump Script Snippets

The following are three script snippets to use for database backup procedures:

Drupal Module Management


Instructions to update or install modules on a Drupal installation. The steps are as follows:

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