Feral Penguin Laptop Setup.

Requirements to have the laptop fully functional

  • Graphics Card nVidia
  • eyeshot (USB Camera)
  • Wireless


The following is the lsit of solutions for the above issues. You will need to add the appropriate debian mirrors to have unstable packages availiable. The backports repository did not had the appropriate virtual packages (kbuild) and its dependencies to be able to complete the procedure with the 2.6.29 kernel.

Graphics Card nVidia

At the time of this writing (August 2009) there are no pre compiled nVidia drivers for this kernel version. This kernel version is currently in the unstable (sid) branch.

  1. Install the 2.6.30 kernel and its source package.
    1. The source package is needed to compile the interface module for the nViida driver.
  2. Download nvidia-installer and run it.
    1. Follow the instructions

eyeshot (USB Camera)



Kernel version 2.6.29 or grater is needed to have the wifi card working correctly.