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MySQL Dump Command

To back up a big MySQL server use the following on the command line:

 mysqldump --all-databases --add-drop-table -c -u -p | bzip2 -c > .bak.sql.bz2

It will use mysqldump and it will compress the sql file. You will backup the entire server with this command.

Backup Procedure. Using tar.

Procedures to backup files using the tar linux command.

Steps Overview

  • Programs Needed
  • Procedure
  • Append Files or Folders to an Archive
  • Links of Interest

Programs Needed



The following procedure is done at the command line. You will need administrative privilages, as in root priviliges, if you need to back up files or folders outside your own home directory.


tar -vccf <name_of_archive> <file_or_folder_to_archive>

Creating a Custom LiveCD

This is a draft article.

This is an article on how to create a custom LiveCD based on Linux. Linux is a Debian like distribution.

Steps Overview

  • Software needed
  • Configuring lh_config
    • Adding hooks
  • Building the image with lh_build

Software Needed

We need to install live_helper, so on a Debian like distribution you can run:

apt-get install live_helper
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