To promote the awareness of Open Source and Free Open Source Software (FOSS) to the local community and the world. Mission is...


Open Futuro wants to promote awareness about Open Source and Free Open Source Software (FOSS). Open Futuro has the commitment with the world community to show the advantages of these products and the benefits they can acquire if they embrace the use of them. For example, Open Source and FOSS can lower the cost of students education. Instead of acquiring non-open-source software to work on class presentations and research papers (with an approximate cost of $145) students can use (with no cost) which can fulfill the needs of the students.

Apply Multiple Themes on Drupal

Website maintenance becomes cumbersome when you have more than five pages to maintain. As the links within each page increase, the tediousness of keeping links  and layouts consistent increases exponentially. No website owner, enterprise or private, can allow inconsistencies on their websites.

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